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Originally Posted by chasedawg View Post
From what I understand talking to Tuftonboro officials there has been several offers. Yes one was to have restaurant in the lower level and a bar in the top of the building. And wanted to build a bridge from the store to over the wetlands behind the store to higher ground for parking. Nope not happening!

Another wanted to convert the store building into condos. Nope not happening. And there is still another yet to be determined

Bottom line is the store was built on a great deal of wetlands around the property. The store has one bathroom. The septic was probably designed for only one bathroom or little more. To expand the septic to accommodate anything more would require a major investment and Tuftonboro, State approvals. It probably won't even pass with Tuftonboro regulations. The whole area around the store is wetlands. From what I was told by the authorities the water table is just too high to allow any kind of septic expansion.

But what do I know... Hoping for some innovative and successful solution.

Thanks for all the details.

I have always figured one of the issues with getting the property sold is because of potential use issues. The septic, becomes a big hurdle, to really be able to do anything. A restaurant would need a larger capacity system with out question, and that may have also been a contributing factor in going from a full grocery store at one point, to scaling down to that of a convenience store.

This is why I have never understood the asking price. The best thing it has going for it, is the Gas the pump. What I can say is the longer it sits vacant, the less and less chance we will have of every seeing it open back up, with the same use model was was last there.... I miss my place to go get some ice-cream..............
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