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Cool Blue?

Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
A response on the "rodent" post reminded me: we found a healthy crayfish the other day and there have been loads of fireflies each night, two creatures we've not seen much of in the past few years. My son wanted to use the crayfish for bait, but I talked to him about conservation and how eagle, firefly, and loon populations were rare most of my childhood but now, with protection, they're healthier. He let "Cray Cray" out in a nice leafy area. As a parent, it's cool when these moments for learning present themselves organically. Now, if we can only save the bees...
Back in June, while navigating our "sandy beach" by foot, I found the cast-off exoskeleton of a crayfish. While not particularly unusual, the big claws were blue!

It HAS been awhile...

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