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Default New Hampshire State Liquor Stores

So I was having an interesting conversation with my spouse this morning about remembering the days when you went into one of the NH State Liquor Stores, stood at the front of the counter, and told the clerk exactly what you wanted to buy. He/she would then disappear behind the counter for a few minutes and miraculously reappear with your order for which you then paid for in cash or check (credit cards? Gosh no!). They called them full service Liquor Stores.

The stores I remember specifically were in Pittsfield and Wolfeboro, but it was the exact same way all over the state, as well as the State of Maine.

In any event, I am wondering how many folks out there remember this?

Also, out of curiosity, does anyone know if any of these full service liquor stores still exist in the State of New Hampshire or have all of them been phased out and replaced with self service? I am thinking that one or two may still exist somewhere in the state where expansion space is tight or not feasible.
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