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It just amazes me that 271 posts into this thread the same OLD people are continuing to find cause (ugly, expensive, bad neighbor, not sea worthy- despite coast Guard approvals, so on & so on snipes by the same "armchair experts") why the Dive should not be on the Lake.

Why not embrace it . It is simply another "attraction" to our Seasonal business...….if you do not personally like it - simply don't go! If the sight of it at a sand bar bothers you - find another! ONE property owner at Weirs has an issue -- we'll see how that turns out.

Clearly - being into their second Season of operation with 2,000+ petition supporters in just one day and appears over 5,600 supporters on Facebook they are doing something right for one fairly large segment of the "market" !

I cannot recall another thread that has SO MUCH negativity consistently thrown in by such a small circle of members.
A bad day on the Big Lake (although I've never had one) - Still beats a day at the office!!
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