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Originally Posted by aquabones View Post
My dog ate Nutro and she did get cardiomyopathy. The vet gave her medicine and she lived two more years and crossed the Rainbow bridge at age 16.
We have a new puppy and we were feeding hm Orejen, which is on the list. We switched to Purina.
My parents had a German Shepherd that ate Purina and he lived to be almost 15. They also had a poodle that only ate my mother's cooked food and he lived to be 18.
Thanks for the input and sorry for the pup loss...but 16 years is a good life for our beloved dogs.
Which Purina are you feeding the new pup?
We feed our Springer Blue Buffalo. My wife researched the cardio disease and found that certain breeds are more susceptible to it.
I will talk to my vet as I said earlier but not in any panic over it.
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