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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Have to wonder if he would jump at the opportunity to get deported back to Ukraine from the Coos County House of Correction, Stewartstown, NH, which is very close to the NH-Canada border as opposed to being a prisoner at the NH State Prison in Berlin for the next 30 years?

Does he deserve a death, execution, penalty?

Probably, he would rather be back in the Ukraine?
Neither! I'd give this guy a tax payer paid one way plane ticket to the North Korean prison system. They seem to know how to deal with scum like this, and that to me would be a fitting end to this guy. A comfortable life behind bars or death here is not fitting enough for my taste. Send him back to Ukraine will do nothing, he'll be back crossing the southern border again in no time since we have no appetite to stop the flow of people into this country.
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