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Originally Posted by ApS View Post
Driving drunk—underage: Nothing happens.

In possession of a crack pipe: Nothing happens.

2013 Larceny of Home Depot Warehouse: Nothing happens.

Wallet left at gas station, contained heroin and cocaine packets: Nothing happens.

Flipped 18-wheeler in Texas, another crack pipe: Nothing happens.

Arrested in Texas one month ago, gave fake name: Nothing happens.

May 11, crashed into brush, fails sobriety test in parking lot, arrested:

Connecticut RMV notifies Massachusetts RMVReceives acknowledgment...Nothing happens.

June 13th, Lane infraction: Nothing happens.

➼ Something Happens!

60 hours after NH wreck: Nothing happens.

Arrested in Massachusetts, heroin and cocaine found in home...
Not letting RMV off the hook at all but the employer has a tremendous amount of culpability. If they used a license monitoring service or even ran his RMV record on a pre employment check they would have never hired him.

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