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Originally Posted by WinnisquamZ View Post
And it begins

Head of Mass RMV Erin Deveney resigns over tragic NH fatal crash case
(Via Boston Headline News)
First, my heartfelt sympathies to all the families that lost loved ones, without question a genuine tragedy.

Second, and the jest of my thoughts. But I can't help wondering why she resigned. Are we going to find out more in the next few weeks something else? Granted innocent until proven guilty, but is there more to this story about how this person was still driving after what has been reported on the news. Is this going to be one of those stories like the Ma. state police overtime scandal that seems like a lot of folks tuned a blind eye to. Or lead in drinking water in Detroit among other things that seem to happen in large state agencies. Or is it the way things go these days if you are connected. Something seems a little off here but can't seem to find just the right words to describe it.
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