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Everyone.... global warming is a THEROY not proven scientific FACT.

Let me put this in perspective... E=MC2 is fact. There is not enough evidence to suggest global warming is either fact or fiction at this time, or any time in the next few million years period.

The true facts are as follows:

Scientists on both sides of the arguement produce all kinds of evidence to support thier points, however how OBJECTIVE are thier studies??? Some may be based on fact but there is simply not enough data to extactly know what temperature trends were say 1000 or 10,000 years ago. Oh one can speculate or interpret evidence to estimate trends, but estimates are not hard numbers. This is why global warming will remain a THEORY from probably the next 100,000 years or so. Even at 100K years, a mere moment in time considering the age of the earth. What is fact is that evidence from the past show we've had wild global temperature changes long before the internal combustion engine was invented. Hmm.... explain that!

Politicians cherry pick the scientists that find in thier favor to bolster thier ideas of regulation and legislation. If they can't find them they will "fund" a study with OUR money to find evidence to support thier position.

I resort back to my original point, I could care less if global warming is fact or fiction, however we all have a responsibility to do what we REASONABLY can do to take care of the world we live in since it is the only one we got. If that means investing in alternative resources fine, lets spend the money creating something useful, not more studies that are tainted at best and prove nothing. Think of the billions of dollars that could have gone to real research in developing alternative power instead of some long forgotten "study". Lets all move on from senseless debate and invest in a %^&$ solution!

Enough said.......
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