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Originally Posted by SIKSUKR
Here's some food for thought for people who beleive this is absolute fact.

And here's how our wonderfull liberal media reports it:
My point with this is not to prove or disprove theories,only that that's exactly what we are dealing with here when we talk of man induced climate warming,Theories and what if's.There is a lot more research to be done before Ill jump on that bandwagon.
I just want to reiterate that Richard Lindzen, who is one of the experts referred to in your first link, has ties to the coal/oil industries as Varney Point mentioned in a post dated 4/21. In the 1990s, Richard Lindzen received $2500 a DAY in consultant fees from coal/oil interests. As a matter of fact, according to Ross Gelbspan's Boiling Point book, Lindzen does not deny this.
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