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Some of us appreciate your attempt to point to scientific data and write clear, concise posts. Your efforts to present science and sites that support the data with actual research rather than "opinion sites" and so called conservative rants by so called experts who work for the big oil/coal companies will hopefully aid in educating those who are open to study and learning. Don't waste your time however attempting to debate the issue here. The responses are always predictable and lacking any real effort or research into the issue at hand. The sea level could be rising , tornadoes ripping thru the state and temps could be up 10-15 degrees and these posters would still be saying it wasn't real and we had nothing to do with it. 2005 was THE warmest overall average global temperature in 10,000 years.....most of us would like to know why and if there were things that man could do to slow this trend. Your/our "opponents" here attack rather than spend the hours it would take to really absorb the data that exists and THEN form an opinion . They had their opinion perhaps since birth and will continue to look at only the "data" that comforts and protects there self serving lifestyle.
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