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Originally Posted by VarneyPoint
....Al Gore was a politician at the time, he obviously had an agenda. Also, the wikipedia, while great for getting general information, is not a great resource when it comes to accuracy for scientific claims as it is not subject to editorial review.

By the way, in 1992, had work actually started with real funding on producing a new type of engine, I'm almost sure we would be there either now or in a few years time. Honestly, it took 3 to 4 years to invent the atomic bomb in the 1940s and they had to do in complete secrecy. If we had some real leadership on the issue, I'd bet we could get ourselves off of oil which for economic reasons would be great (I'm sure everyone has noticed how high gas is), for security reasons would be great, and environmental issues would be even better. Guess I wasn't brief afterall. Sorry....
Just to address a few issues:

Al Gore is still a politician, he has no scientific schooling, he has done no scientific research, so all his opinions are merely his political opinion of studies he has read. (research in this context means making measurments in the field)

I used Wiki for quotes from his book and quotes about his politics, not for science. Do you doubt the quotes?

Building a new engine technology is really just a small part of project. The difficult problem is the energy source. Even at $100 a barrel, there are no cost effective and politically viable alternatives to petroleum.
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