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Originally Posted by secondcurve
Varney Point:

I tend to agree that global warming is a serious issue and that many people have their heads buried in the sand. The good news is that before it becomes an uncontrollable problem, I feel that we are going to see astronomical oil prices which will curb demand and speed up the search for alternative energy sources, which I hope will have a less of an impact on the earth. I fear that this transition could be quite bumpy (if not much worse), but the end result should be more earth friendly.

Unfortunately, the only way that global warming and energy independence for the USA will be addressed, is through sky high oil prices. The good news/bad news is $100.00 a barrel oil is on our door step. Now, if only it could wait until October since running my 225 4-stroke Yamaha this summer is going to cost me a small fortune!
While I don't agree with seconcurves conclusion that global warming is a serious issue,I think he'\she's right on with high oil prices actually being a good thing in the long run.This will no doubt help speed the research towards alternative fuel while making current ones under developement(hydrogen) much more price competitive and therefore more incentive to accelerate the progress in these fuels.While I don't like the rise in gas prices,we have become so used to low gas prices relative to the rest of the western world,with Europeans having been paying $4-5 a gallon for years.I think the "good times" are behind us.
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