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Default 'The Rest Of The Story'

In Life Magazine, that is.

I know nothing about writing magazine stories, to sell magazines, however I did take exception to one of the writings that Life put in our story. " lost their house in Stoneham MA. due to back taxes ". The truth was that before we left, our house was up for sale, and we had to go west. Mom and Dad decided to give Power of Attorney to , and what both thought was a friend of Dad's, Lawyer, to sell the house.
So we left and were out in California and found out that as soon as we left, said lawyer jacked the price of the house Up so high that No one would buy it, and the bank foreclosed on it.
This meant, that both Mom and Dad immediately had to WORK. So we All pitched in, and I even had two part time jobs, after school, washing dishes and delivering a huge News paper route for the Santa Barbara News Press, and for Mom washing dishes at the Grayhound Bus Terminal Restaurant, and then when she was hired at the Reporter Restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara as Head Chef.
Then, back in LA when Mom opened 'Mom's Kitchen', Sister's Linda and Dianne worked as Waitresses and I washed the dishes there too after school. Dad kept getting transferred so we dug in where ever we landed.

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