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Actually, ITD, 99% of the scientific community has agreed that the earth is warming. There is very little dispute among believers and non-believers that the earth is actually getting hotter. I will grant you that there is SOME debate as to how much a role humans are playing. My own beliefs, research and convictions tell me and many others that humans and our activity play a role. I will grant you that not everything is known. How can it be? Isaac Newton invented physics in the 17th century. It took 300 years before Albert Einstein came along and revolutionized it. If we listened to you, people should have just rejected Newton because "it wasn't a fact." Are you advocating that we wait and wait and wait and wait until every last tiny detail is known about climate change? Should we just sit around hoping it isn't true? You know, some people think an avain influenza is going to strike the world at some point in the future. Should we do nothing because it's not yet a fact? Should we wait until a pandemic influenza virus strikes the world before doing something about or should we prepare and try to prevent it from happening?

It really is unfortunate that climate change has become a political issue. It shouldn't be. No reasonable person is suggesting you "bury" your car. I certainly have not told you or anyone else to do anything other than open your mind. Think about it this way, though. If I am wrong and human induced global warming turns out to be wrong, then oh well, I am wrong. BUT if you are wrong, and human induced global warming turns out to be right, are you and others like you going to look back and realize that you did in fact have the chance to do your part to help slow it down or even stop it?

If only one person reading this message board has become more aware of the issue of climate change and has decided to learn more and do their part to reduce their use, then I feel pretty good about it.
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