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Cool Another Re-Purposing for a Pool Noodle...

After Hurricane Irma flooded the garage with four feet of ocean water, a washer and dryer had to be replaced. (Plus ~$6000-worth of power tools).

While waiting for the new dryer, I noticed a copper hot water pipe that had been without the "proper" store-bought insulation installed everywhere else. The pipe was standing only ¼" (5mm) off a "cold" concrete wall, allowing it to radiate expensive heat to concrete and air.

It should be noted that residential copper pipe used on Florida's coasts will corrode-through—from the outside!

As the pipes were hidden from view, I collected my various scraps of Pool Noodles, and devised Insulators-of-Many-Colors :

The technique was to put a PVC pipe in a hollow Pool Noodle, and slice off the length(s) needed. Cut to the correct length, the Pool Noodles snapped right on.

Note: The thread-starter post was moved from the Boating forum, even though it had met the criterion of, "...If it Floats...".

New, a Pool Noodle forum?
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