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Originally Posted by Great Idea
"I haven't checked but I bet I'm right." ITD's abve post....

How do you know the data isn't there and if it was paid for by "tree huggers" if you haven't looked into it? Shouldn't you spend the time doing so before you choose to arque with folks that seem to have spent the time studying it, have an extensive backround and are knowlegdeable regarding the data?
First, to answer your questions, I "haven't looked into" whether the "tree huggers" (your term not mine) have paid for the Global Warming studies, I really don't care. As far as your second question (in bold above), are you referring to yourself or someone else posting here?

Global Warming is not a fact, humans causing Global Warming is not a fact, most of the experts don't call it a fact, they generally qualify their responses. What about the people with extensive background and are knowledgable regarding the data who say the data is flawed, the methods are flawed and the conclusions are flawed. How can you so easily ignore them? This has become politicised and the solutions proposed will bankrupt most of this country. Someone posted a few days ago that the "world is no longer flat" yet in the past that was the popular and political "truth" most people believed it. True science doesn't care about opinion or popular ideas. Please though, I urge you to unplug, bury your car(s) ( so no one else will use them) stop using fossil fuels or any other type of fuel that must be burned, if all the believers actually did this it should make a huge difference, according to your experts. But don't try to impose that on me based on your theories and opinion.
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