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Post Brother Mel

We stayed at Fort Wayne for a few days doing some general maintenance and such. Us children could be very inventive and were not afraid or shy in any way to pitch in get our hands dirty.

There was an awesome indoor basketball arena right there beside the trailer park and my older brother Mel was a phenomenal player and he'd sneaker over and maid friends with a large group of Indians that invited him into their shoot around for practice before a big game that was going to take place the fallowing night. Well, when they got to see what brother Mel could do, they were fighting to get him on their team!

Well, don't ya know come game time night that Mel, while playing Center for the Indians, scored the winning HOOP to the delight of the huge crowd in the grandstands cheering them on. OH would I ever have loved to play backup for my brother in that game. I have way bigger feet than he did, but he had about three feet in height on me at the time, so I made a better Cheerer and seat warmer.

Pic#2. Bringing our cloths back home from the air dryer.
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