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Originally Posted by VarneyPoint
So Great Idea,

Am not sure if you are challenging me or agreeing with me? I am confused by your position. I actually am a scientist, have dual degrees in chemisty and biology, and am a published author, so I have a pretty good idea as to how industry sponsored research works and places to look that are peer-reviewed instead of op-ed pieces in newspapers.

ITD, ever stop to wonder if there has EVER been a study sponsored by an oil/coal company that has said "global warming is real and man is causing it?" I bet you haven't, I wonder why? Do you think that perhaps they would lose a lot of money if that happened? Last time I checked, Greenpeace wasn't making a $25 billion profit in a single quarter.
Speaking of Google, perhaps a google of "Chernobyl's coffin is cracking" would add to the theory of global warming.

Also, what effect is China having upon the situation?

More importantly, what is the cumulative effect upon the Lake?
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