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Default ..... 94-cent noodles

94-cent noodles is what's happening right now at the Plymouth Walmart ...... some strong looking material with dense, sturdy noodle material in green, red, and blue .... located way back in a corner of the store beyond the pharmacy, and to the right as you head toward the outdoor plants.

Good for making a swimmer's belt by threading a 3/8" line down through the center hole. Swimming the big lake is way more challenging than swimming a heated pool, and should probably be done with a swimmer's belt and some type of a wet suit top ..... even in July and August. If you is out there all alone, over 50-yards from shore, you will definitely be appreciat'n that 94-cent noodle. Unlike a pfd, a swim belt centers your buoyancy that's needed for swimming ...... something not done with a pfd .... swimming with a pfd is difficult ..... swimming with a noodle belt is a natural.
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