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Originally Posted by VarneyPoint
So Great Idea,

Am not sure if you are challenging me or agreeing with me? I am confused by your position. I actually am a scientist, have dual degrees in chemisty and biology, and am a published author, so I have a pretty good idea as to how industry sponsored research works and places to look that are peer-reviewed instead of op-ed pieces in newspapers.

ITD, ever stop to wonder if there has EVER been a study sponsored by an oil/coal company that has said "global warming is real and man is causing it?" I bet you haven't, I wonder why? Do you think that perhaps they would lose a lot of money if that happened? Last time I checked, Greenpeace wasn't making a $25 billion profit in a single quarter.
My position throughout this thread has been clear, I think anyone who claims Global Warming is a fact based on what has been presented so far is wrong. As a scientist I would expect you to know the difference between a theory and a fact. There are too many legitimate questions unanswered for someone to draw any conclusions to the data presented. When the Global Warming conclusion is challenged the challenger is derided, a typical tactic when the challenge can't be answered.
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