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Default I am in complete agreement...

with your comments Varney Point and was thanking you for pointing out the fact that the researcher in question was paid by the coal industry. Thank you also for pointing out the obvious to ITD. Never have these paid researchers come up with anything in opposition to what the oil companies want us to hear. Like you said ITD.... you haven't really looked into it. Before you argue further perhaps you should study it? Please do. Your in for a shock. Did you also know that 80 percent of the US population now believes that some form of human influenced global warming is now taking place? 5 years ago it was less than 50 percent. Education is a wonderful thing! STUDY the subject and READ ALL the data that is scientifically verifiable (not just the opinion pages) and then look at the sources of funding behind the opinion or research. Is NASA who gets it funding from the current administration paid for by the "Greenies"??? Read what there EXTENSIVE research and data has to say and then tell me its biased liberal BS tree hugger stuff.....

By the way , I am politically conservative and never considered myself a "tree hugger" however I do value education and I took the time to educate myself on this topic and it opened my eyes WIDE to the oil/coal industry CRAP we are being fed by the hired climate "experts" .... Protecting the environment will become a "conservative" issue once it starts to dig into people's pockets ...... it has started already.
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