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Default Giving up red meat

Oh, no!!! Giving up fresh grilled hamburgers on the island may just be too much for me... Then again... if the season gets extended by all this red meat eating... we could boat for more weeks, though we might have to give up snowmobiling on the lake.

What to do.. What to do??

red meat? snowmobiling?
red meat? snowmobiling?
red meat? snowmobiling?

I just cannot make up my mind.. guess I will go grill a hamburger now!

Hey, Pepper... I might consider giving up the red meat today if you will bring a lobster roll to Minge Cove... bring yourself something to eat as well and I will pick you up and bring you out here!!!!

(the sun came out here on Rattlesnake Island a couple of hours ago and the east wind died down.... paradise!!!}

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