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Default Yikes.....

Study it very thoroughly and comprehensively then come back and debate the subect...... its not constructive (or fun) to debate an issue when your opinion comes from only what you want the answer to be rather than what the evidence supports. Like I said before I would love to keep burning my two stroke oil, driving my go fast boat and driving my big high power SUV but something tells me that is quickly going to change. I don't want to be one of the folks who ignored all the evidence and listened to oil industry lobbyists and paid researchers who's only goal is to create confusion regarding the issue so that we would continue the use of fossil fuels. 20 years from now we will be remembered as the generation that either made the right choice and started the changes aggressively or the one that ignored all the warning signs and really @%$$%$#@ the plant.

In this case ignorance won't be bliss....... STUDY and READ the material that is out there. The NASA scientist that Rose speaks of is one of THE most respected authorities in the field. Read his stuff, watch Nova , talk to the folks who study climate on Mt. Washington.... then come back and talk to us. Your laughing at us having read little if any real data on the subject???? (Read about fossilized tree/plant rings and ice cores regarding past temperature cycles) We should be the ones laughing at you but we won't waste time on it. Become knowledgable and join us in trying to come up with solutions.
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