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Originally Posted by Great Idea
Fact.... The average global temperature has increased one or two degrees in the last 10-15 years...... sound meaningless? That is the quickest change in temps in the last 3 MILLION YEARS. I like my toys and burnin fossil fuels too however its time for us all to open our eyes and ears and see the evidence for what it is...... I suggest everyone watch the NOVA special regarding Solar Shading that is currently on PBS.... real science, real data, real scary. The world is no longer flat.....
That's not a fact, it's a theory and I don't believe anyone believes the temperature has gone up more than a 0.5 degrees so far and others think number is much less to the point of being in the "noise" decade to decade, year to year variation. Please read the articles jrc and I posted and you will see that the data collection and interpretation is suspect. BTW the earth was never flat, contrary to POPULAR belief back in history.
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