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Default ... such a nice garage door, you got here!

For the Town of Alton to make up their lost revenue with this Bob Bahre property tax adjusted agreement, the town could create a THREE-plus GARAGE DOOR TAX .... where as ..... any residence with more than TWO garage doors gets hit with a $5000/door annual property tax.

So, having three garage doors will cost you $5000/year. Having four garage doors will cost you $10,000/year, and having five garage doors will cost you $15,000/year ..... etcetera. And, this tax does not apply to a one or a two door garage, it's starts with the third garage door ..... you understand!

So, how many garage doors at the Bahre mansion that is appropriately named Long View, because the view goes all the way down to the MV Mount Washington's winter anchorage in Centre Harbor ....... about 12-miles away .... looking like a visible white object or white blurred dot way, way, way down there?

The thinking being that if you got a three car garage, then you probably got some serious pension money rolling in through all those big doors..... enough to easily pay the extra tax and help the Town of Alton with all its expenses.
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