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Default ..... service included with the Electric CoOp

So ...... have to ask ..... inquiring minds want to know ..... what country to you all live in that you have the need for a backup generator?

My place is in Meredith, NH which is served by the NH Electric CoOp, and the Electric CoOp has a local service garage/home on Rt 25 in Meredith, not too far from Center Harbor.

In the very rare event the power is down due to wind, ice, falling tree, the CoOp gets it fixed usually in less than an hour and they do it automatically without me making a call.

In 26-years I have had to make a call just once when some ice messed with the individual service line and half the 220v was down which made the power go backwards or something.

The CoOp Electricity comes with service included as part of the deal. The big yellow utility trucks with the big, tall, ladder lifts are service vehicles, and the people who fix the power are utility linemen.
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