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I have a friend who has his generator hooked up with just a few circuits and a manual transfer switch.

It did not take long for him to realize that being limited to using only the circuits he chose at the time of installation is, well, limiting.

For my installation, done by Hutchins Electric, there is a metal plate, a generator breaker and a receptacle for the generator cord plug.

This sounds very much like the system described in an earlier post.

The system is simple to use and my family has been trained to use it.

There cannot be any back feeding of home generated power because with this system it is physically impossible to have the main breaker on at the same time as the generator breaker.

What I like about this system is the ability to chose which circuits I wish to use, when I want to use them. My 7k generator has its limits but I can still use anything I have, just not all at once.

Some times the sump pump is a priority. Some times it's not. The good news is that is a decision that can be made whenever rather that at the installation.

Here's a link to a video of how this works:
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