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Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
What is involved, to hookup my small generator to the house.

Specifically, I want to be able to run my propane gas furnace, using the generator as a source of power.

What is needed, and cost?

Thanks !
I have an exterior 50 amp outlet with a mechanical interlock on my main panel that allows my generator to power my whole panel/house. My genny, at 7K, is too small to run the whole house, so I need to shut off some breakers.

When the power is out, I fire up the genny (electric start, it's connected in early October and disconnected in May), flip the breakers I have labeled red to off, and then break the main/turn on genny circuit. I then have access to whatever I need; I just need to be able to balance what's run.

The alternative is to have a separate breaker with only the circuits the genny will run. I didn't want the extra cost, nor did I want to be limited in the number of circuits I had access to.

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