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As with most issues the truth is somewhere in the middle. For example, I cringe when I see what is going on in Georgia. A far left politician is within a whisker of claiming the governorship. What does she want to do? You guessed it she wants to raise taxes which isnít surprising given she is on the far left. The twist is she hasnít paid her personal income taxes for years and she has a payment plan with the IRS! Shouldnít it be against the law to run for office if you havenít paid your taxes? Of course it should. How is it possible this lady was able to get 49% of the vote in a state like Georgia?

On the other extreme is the great state of NH. It is one of the least taxed statesin the union and Wolfeboro has a relatively low tax rate in the state. Shouldnít we be able to spend more on the schools in Wolfeboro? I think yes. The issue is the tax system in NH is so heavily reliant on real estate. It shouldnít be but it is. How can it be fixed? Shift the burden to other revenue sources is clearly the answer. However, a lot of folks are afraid once this happens the genie is out of the bottle and taxes will never stop going up which is probably true.

So how do we fix all these problems? Clearly the answer is to elect officials in the center of the political spectrum and compromise like we used to but this doesnít happen any longer. A very said state of affairs.
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