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Originally Posted by mcdude View Post
As a retired Massachusetts educator I can tell you that you are incorrect. Mass teacher pensions are totally self-funded by teacher contributions from every pay check throughout their career. Not one cent of any teacher pension comes from your taxes. The Mass. Teacher Retirement System has nothing to do with the pensions of state workers.

Teachers "contribute" 9% of their income plus 2% on earnings over $30,000/year

" the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System is the largest of the Commonwealth’s 104 contributory retirement systems."
Not just teachers put in 9% plus 2%...cops, fireman, DPW. That's where the 104 number you referenced comes from. The teachers system is the largest due to the fact that in most communities the school system has the most employees and biggest department budget. The way you wrote your statement made it seem like just the teachers had those contributions.
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