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Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
I think your misguided some yourself Major... Most of the Social programs rehabilitation facilities, section 8 housing, local jails etc. is not the Massachusetts effect.... Most of this is federally mandated.....
I disagree. Federal mandates did not require the Laconia City Council to invest in Section 8 housing. Investors who chose to construct such housing received Federal funding, which the City doesn't receive. The City approves Section 8 housing strictly for the property tax revenue. It could have shot down such requests. The Federal government didn't require drug treatment facilities on every corner of downtown Laconia. Again, the City approved the facilities for the property tax revenue. The Federal government didn't require the Taj Mahal local jail to be built. The Belknap County Sheriff's department didn't like working in the facility, they relentlessly complained, and the City Council and County Commission caved in to build the new facility. Jail and/or prison isn't supposed to be nice. The taxpayers would have appreciated a modest remodel.

Sometimes the Federal government offers money in exchange for hiring more teachers, police or firefighters. But guess what, the money typically sunsets, and who's stuck with the recurring expense? The taxpayers! Salary, benefits and most importantly pensions! We don't have to take advantage of these wonderful programs, we can simply turn down the money.

My point is that NH had a different approach to government, and that has changed. It's changed because of the influx of out-of-staters. Look at the election results of the most recent election to elections 20, 30, 40 years ago. Of course, the divide between Democrats and Republicans is as wide as ever. Years ago, there wasn't much of a divide.
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