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Originally Posted by Major View Post
I grew up here. "Live Free or Die" is not just a motto but was a way of life. Self-reliance and liberty were core values in NH. Those values have changed with the influx of people from Mass. It is their expectation of government that is creating the high property taxes. Instead of going to schools, roads and police/fire protection, our money is now being spent on social programs, rehabilitation facilities, Section 8 housing, local jails, etc.
I think your misguided some yourself Major... Most of the Social programs rehabilitation facilities, section 8 housing, local jails etc. is not the Massachusetts effect.... Most of this is federally mandated.....

NH has to stop trying to point the finger at whom they want to blame for the problems that the state has financially... The problem is all within the state and local government... Education was never properly funded in NH.... Niether were many other things...

Why do you think NH gave up on the little license plates for boats, and exclusive NH non-reciprocal boat registration???
If you look into that you find that the federal government was going to pull funding for all sorts of things if NH, didn't fall in line...The funding the federal government was going to pull, included funding for fish and game initiatives, federal grants awarded to the Marine Patrol to help subsidize coastal waterway patrols etc.....

New Hampshire's live free or die attitude has backed them into a corner... the fear of additional taxes has made it even worse... NH continues to burden the people that make its economy function... the Tourism and second home owners..... eventually the burden will become to much.
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