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Originally Posted by nightrider View Post
I'm just climbing back up off the floor after receiving my 2nd half of the year tax bill. The rate increased by nearly a dollar a thousand, most of it being in the Local-School portion. How is the town justifying this huge increase for schools?? Assessment and tax rate increases have increased taxes by roughly 75% in the last 10 years in Wolfeboro. It seems the Town would prefer long time residents on fixed incomes who can't afford the tax increases, to move to make way for wealthy people from Massachusetts with their money, mindset and attitude. Good luck Wolfachusetts.
It's for the children! Get used to it. NH's value system is being hijacked from transplants from Massachusetts. At first, they love the fact that there are no income or state taxes, but then they realize that beyond schools, roads, police and firefighting services, there isn't a lot of money left over for all of the services they were used to receiving in Mass. NH is now a blue state. Look forward to bigger government and taxes. I suggest you move to Moultonborough, which has a lot of water properties so a lower tax rate.
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