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Beg to differ, it does not need to be torn down, but it could use more.

I live 5 months out of the years at Weirs, on most nights from May through Oct it is packed. Most parking spots fill up and folks all over the place. A lot of it thanks to the Mount.

Flightcraft did a ton of work on the Pier, Sal's sells BIG 1/4 pie slices for $7, Angry Hog does awesome BBQ, they ripped up that aged mini golf that was simple gross and put in some off-street parking for employees and a nice little grassy area to eat lunch with umbrellas and tables. The little store is nice and clean.

The city did a nice job submerging the electricity, adding nice lamp posts, fixing the sidewalks. Although those kiosk meters frankly suck, they should have just upgraded the per-site meters IMHO.

The yacht club could use some work, the other side of the street could use some work.

For the most part, the current vendors are ok on that side, but the place really lacks a nice restaurant with a view. Someplace where boaters would go as a destination (think Shipleys at Alton, think Town Docks in Merideth,,,).

Right now we have Weathervane which has no view, and Anthonys on the Pier which has a view but the atmosphere of Browns in Seabrook (picnic tables and seagulls). Neither place is somewhere to just sit for a couple hours, have some nice boat drinks and some food while watching the lake. And both places tend to close way too early on any given night.

Now take for example the top floor of Tower Hill Tavern, give it a nice menu, open up walls for some views, find some parking that does not make you watch your watch like a meth-addicted ferret and we can talk.
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