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Originally Posted by gravy boat View Post
I agree that the Weirs needs a facelift but why does it need to be razed and totally redeveloped? Upgrade the building fronts a bit, fix the broken machines, add some newer ones, upgrade the quality of food sold and that takes care of a lot. The pier was upgraded and it still looks pretty much the same.

Detail and paint a '73 Impala and you still have a '73 Impala.

If you aren't attracting 20-40 yr old people you're doomed. If I was an owner trying to squeeze out a few more years till I retired I wouldn't change either. But if you want long term viability you need to get the younger people there, and they won't make a trip to dusty arcades or to buy $2.50 sunglasses. So IMO the whole main drag has to go.
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