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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
...cruising past my humble abode ..slow down and take a good gander at my recently constructed, installed, and completed totally new second floor on top of my 70-year old mongrel, hodge-podge wf cottage two new bedroom and a new bath up there.... constructed entirely with 2"-3"-4" high density, foam floatation noodle in multiple colors plus a lot of freebie give-a-way paint stirrer sticks for stirring the paint which I believe are made with birch....

so's .

while Bob Bahre has the most prominent home in on the lake .. LONGVIEW . I, fatlazyless, have bestowed the name 'Noodle Heaven' on my little cottage, which by the way is way below the Meredith sweet spot for more than $10,000-prop tax .. & 100% deductible .. YO HO HO and a bottle of rum?

Here's a question for the forum cpa on board here .. so, how does one deduct the property tax when you have absolutely no income coming in ..then, what do you do .. that seems like it may be a serious accounting difficulty?
If you have NO taxable income then NO deduction is needed as you have nothing to deduct it from.
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