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Cool Hemlock at Night...

Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
A buddy of mine has a pellet stove and although it works great he loses one bay of his 2 car garage to pellets because he buys in bulk to get a better price. My garage space is too valuable to me to fill it with pellets. I vote wood! If you lose electricity you still have a heat source.
Most of the new stoves are very efficient and can burn all night when loaded up. My old Vigilant will only go about 5 hours. When it was new it would go all night. It's not as air tight as it use to be.
You don't have to "load it up". A big piece of unsplit Hemlock (even fresh-cut) will smolder all night. It's not toasty-warm in the morning, but a "refresh" of wood, and with the draft re-opened, it'll restore a warm living room temperature in short order.

Originally Posted by Hillcountry View Post
Probably just needs a new set of gaskets? Easy to do yourself as well!
What do you use to keep the new gaskets from falling out?
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