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I've had a pellet stove for 15 years in my Rowley home and an insert in my Tuftonboro home. Plusses and minuses. You have to price search for pellets and they all are not the same. I find that to be a pita. You have to have storage room for the pellets. Aside from that my biggest pet peave is the noise. I recommend not installing it in your tv watching room. To noisy. Both of mine are Harmon.Biggest plus is you toss a bag in it and basically forget about it for a good 12 hours on the coldest of days. You do need to clean them fairly frequently but it's not a big chore. I constantly spill the pellets when filling which drives the wife crazy. Overall they work great with pellets at $270 or better a ton not sure there is a lot of a savings there.
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