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I have a Jøtul fireplace insert that runs on propane. Our tank holds 100 gallons of propane that costs roughly 240-250 dollars to fill. (Amerigas)

We use our fireplace to heat our 30 x 15 living/dining/kitchen area. The fireplace heats up quickly and looks great with the fake wood logs and amber colored crackle things on the bottom of the insert. We leave it on for a couple of hours at a time and the room is very warm. Too warm at times. There is also a light inside the insert that creates a bright, dim, or no extra light for ambiance. Also, there is a fan that blows the warm air around if you want. We never use it. The heat travels well by itself.

We love it because you control it with a remote and turn it on or off when need be. It even works when the power goes out (minus the light & fan). Last year when the power was out for a bit, we kept the house warm with the fireplace.

Considering we use it a bunch, we probably spend about 300-400 a year in propane. We rarely use our baseboard heaters much on the zone for the first floor. The baseboards run only at night and are set at 65°.

For what it’s worth, that’s my 2¢.
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