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Large foam noodles, about 4" diameter x 42" length can be used as rollers for moving a hot tub.

Will also work for moving a boat or building an ancient pyramid with sandstone blocks weighing 20-tons each ....... ha-ha-ha ...... well, maybe not for an ancient pyramid, but definitely yes for hot tubs and small boats.

You just point that hot tub in the right direction, and let it roll down the hill over a gaggle of noodles ..... ditto that for a boat!

About six months ago, Energysavers in Meredith wanted $500 to remove a hot tub, even after replacing it with a new Hot Springs Jetsetter purchased from them. $500 seemed like Jesse James rides again ....... such an unbelievably high price to remove the old tub!

Ain't no way!

Cozy Cabin Rustics in Meredith, Plymouth(big store) & Lincoln sells excellent quality Nordic Hot Tubs, and as of six months ago, was charging $100 to deliver the new, and another $100 to remove the old hot tub.
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