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I've tried to refrain from this debate but I do want to make one point. The people who do climate research have very little to gain from raising awareness on global warming. Do you really think that they are becoming rich off this stuff? Do you think they have a hidden agenda? Do you think climatologists run around saying "global warming is real," because they think it is fun??? The answer is no. A climatologist doesn't get rich by educating people about global warming. He or she doesn't become famous or ink a book deal. Nope, they live a normal, quiet life trying to do their small part, yet they get referred to as "tree huggers" or "liberals" or "whack-jobs," by people who know nothing about science and even less about climatology.

However, the people who vehemently deny that global warming is occuring, do have an agenda. They have a lot to lose in terms of money, power and influence.

I am not a tree hugger and I am not a liberal. But when I read that polar bears are being found drowned everywhere I get worried because polar bears didn't just forget how to swim and they certainly didn't forget that they belong on the ice. Ever stop to think why they are drowning?? Because they got caught on a piece of ice that breaks off a glacier and floats out to sea, melts, and the polar bear ends up so far from land that he drowns from exhaustion.

Wake up people, global warming is real. Is the complete and full truth known, no, of course not. As we continue to study it, we will learn more. But a lot is known and it all points to a problem right now and down the road.

Sorry for the long post, but some people are so closeminded. Is your personal existence threatened by someone with a Ph.D. (btw, having a Ph.D. means you pretty much know everything there is to know in your field) who works at a reputable university, does some experiments and publishes the results in a peer-reviewed journal?

ps- there is no proof that God exists either, but the majority of the people on the planet have no trouble with that one...
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