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This is pretty much my last comment (maybe) on this topic because I don't have the knowledge needed to carry on an intelligent conversation on this subject.

I am not a scientist. Not even close!

However, a vast majority of scientists who study such things, and devote their lives to this subject, believe our current way of living (our meaning the human race not just Americans) is having a severe impact on our planet.

I have seen photos of the ice melt on the polar caps. Again, these scientists say while those ice melts are cyclical, the fact that they are so dramatic in such a short period is alarming.

Do I consider myself a tree hugger? No, I drive an SUV. However I am open minded enough to consider what the folks who know much more than I know, might be right.

The U-S Govt says the issue needs more study. I ask you, who do you trust, a politician who needs more study (and needs to fundraise to be re-elected) or a scientist who has devoted his/her life and career to this topic (and needs grants to continue the research).

Remember, once people thought the world was flat and the Earth was the center of the Universe.
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