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LOL what a bunch of garbage. Opening statement says it all...

No one can say exactly what it looks like when a planet takes ill, but it probably looks a lot like Earth.

Really.... because all the other planets in our solar system are looking like such better alternatives to earth to live on right? Great lets take all these tree huggers and ship them off to pluto! Enjoy your stay on a healthy planet! Notice how these "intellectual" people site global warming as a scientific "fact", even though the theory has been around for a while yet never has been proven. Let's talk fact, and the fact is that man has had NO proven effect on the temperature of the globe hence the reason why this is still a theory and probably always will be. Earth was a much warmer place before the ice age, who was to blame back then? How about global cooling...Oh yeah that evil killer asteroid that said EXXON on the side of it right? See back billions of years ago the "big oil" Neanderthals that are to blame! Crash the planet's climate into a cold state where everyone will need oil and gas to keep warm.

Please, I'm all for conservation and newer clean burning technologies, and of course exploiting natural forms of energy, but where are these people when it comes to defending that wind farm off the MA south shore? Oh that's right, not in my back yard. They way you give up your SUV but keep your hands off mine.
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