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And if you all want examples -- beyond global warming -- that strike close to home, consider the changes in Winnipesaukee in recent years.

I've been on the Lake for all of my 44+ years, and have seen some very disturbing developments recently. Winni is a glacial lake, so it's been around a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, yet in a relative nanosecond, we've trashed it. Look at the algae blooms that come each summer. NEVER saw that when I was a kid...or even a teen...or in my twenties...and I spent a LOT of time with a mask on. Turbidity has changed as well. The water to our house always has come from the Lake...and, up until the last ten years or so, that is what we drank (smart or not...). Today, it's strictly the bottled stuff. Beach closings at Weirs due to bacteria. MTBE from fuel spills. Mercury-tainted fish. Mifoil from other bodies of water. Zebra mussels. What a mess. And it's all from us, the troublesome species that wants it all and trashes it at the same time.

Crank up the global temp a degree or two, and things get really weird. Sorry for the rant.
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