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Default Government's fault...

Originally Posted by MJM
It's all a cycle, perfectly natural, and of such massive proportions us little old humans have little or no impact on it.
Still, global warming is fact.

In a warming cycle, there are 6 Billion of us setting forests on fire for agriculture, igniting underground coal deposits, burning grasslands, igniting oilfields, heating homes, illuminating the night skies, "flaring" gas, "over-transporting", and cutting forests to assist the progress of lightning-caused fires and the "usual" volcanoes. (Excepting nuclear power generation, all increase carbon dioxide levels, making a "heating loop" for Mother Earth).

Should we be in a cooling "cycle" instead, this may only be a 200-year "blip" of warming. A Winnipesaukee shed, built near me post-war, had 2x6s on 12-inch centers.

(For the snow load—who knew?)

Originally Posted by MJM
Back in the late 40's, scientists were so concerned with the Earth's COOLING, that they were investigating possible ways to enhance melting of the polar ice caps (e.g. spread dark soot over the ice). And that was after scientists 80 years prior to that had been concerned about the Earth's WARMING....
Satellites monitoring the oceans' heights and "computer-modeling" have changed they way we look at weather and climate.

Of course, government grants to universities keep things hopping, too!

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