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Originally Posted by Acres per Second

.... there's nothing mankind can do to "un-bankrupt" your business, should you be dependant on gasoline and oil. (Abundant coal gives the U.S. much more time).

But I wasn't talking about business, I was talking about us, we the citizens. The liberal braintrust and others always look to business to fund its social experiments, what they don't get is that business just passes these extra expenses onto their customer. Who is the customer? Why it is almost always you and I. If the business can't pass on these added expenses, then they go out of business.

Originally Posted by Acres per Second
The latest, most well-thought-out, and most excellent, theory (The ApS Theory) is that we are, indeed, heading into a long-overdue Ice Age.

Civilization is only temporarily slowing "The Approaching Cold of Millennia" with relatively large amounts of heat and carbon dioxide, though sometimesólike burning fuel to make contrailsóworking at cross-purposes.

I'm putting this kind of money on it:

Your scientific prowness is exceeded only by your modesty.
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