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Originally Posted by Airwaves
"...One of the more interesting points he made that surprised me, was that in the weeks following 9/11 when there was no air traffic over the U-S, the temperature in key cities actually dropped and it plays a role in Global Warming! Why? I'm sure it's archived..."
Don't you have that backwards?

The criss-crossing of commercial air traffic's wispy "contrails" reflect the sun's energy back into space, just as those "wispy" cirrus clouds do. When the contrails disappeared post-9/11, the Earth should have warmed up!

High-altitude air traffic could be "covering for" our Energy used on the ground (including nuclear energy and the burning of fossil fuels). I don't think anyone can deny burning fuels isn't "warming".

Originally Posted by ITD
"...if you really believe in Global Warming...then stop driving your car...In the mean time don't bankrupt the rest of us...."
Among theories, I "believe" in both Global Warming and Darwin's Theory, even as quoted here. Really, though, they are both effectively Fact. On Darwin, ask your medical doctor: He will have taken a "Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy" course among his pre-Med required classes.

Aside from dramatic technological intervention (such as the previous gossamer-mylar-umbrella), there's nothing mankind can do to "un-bankrupt" your business, should you be dependant on gasoline and oil. (Abundant coal gives the U.S. much more time).

The latest, most well-thought-out, and most excellent, theory (The ApS Theory) is that we are, indeed, heading into a long-overdue Ice Age.

Civilization is only temporarily slowing "The Approaching Cold of Millennia" with relatively large amounts of heat and carbon dioxide, though sometimesólike burning fuel to make contrailsóworking at cross-purposes.

I'm putting this kind of money on it:

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