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Originally Posted by CL 240 LS View Post
Just had it happen here in Moultonborough this morning. It goes off and then comes right back on. Clocks flashing through out the house! Cable box reboot. This has been happing a lot. Called coop, asked to talk to engineer, took my number but no callback. Concerned about surge damage to electronics. Had tv and stereo damage last summer. Yes I have surge protectors.
This happened about 3-4 years ago and it damaged a circuit panel on my new refrigerator that had to be replaced. Unfortunately, I do not have whole-house surge protection, but have all electronics and appliances on surge protectors. After all these recent surges, it may be time to replace them. Wonder if I can deduct the cost from my electric bill!!

There is another post about the volume going out on Metrocast. I have been having the same issue, but I have DirectTV! Makes me wonder if these surges and equipment malfunctioning are somehow related.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to call.

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