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Originally Posted by Lakegeezer
I subscribe in the theory that dramatic global change is underway - specifically, the theory of a continued warm up followed by a rapid cool down. However, I do not subscribe to the theory that ceasing the use of organic fuel would turn around the problem in 20 or 30 years - or ever. In my view, the tipping point has already been passed. To use an old expression, there is no sense in closing the barn door once the horse has run away. I encourage oil consumption, and hope that our civilization moves past the fossil age as quickly as possible, and on to what ever energy source is next.
I guess I'm not convinced there is a problem at all. Weather patterns are cyclical and affected by things like El nino and La nina. This does not amount to climatic change. Glaciers have been receding for thousands of years. It's only very recently that we have had satellites to observe Arctic and Antarctic ice, no one knows if these remote bays freeze over every year. "Subscribe in the theory" is a good way to put it, leaves open the very real fact that it may be wrong.
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